Inside Out

I woke up to a pledge
on a morning lucid not in haze
that I shall not intake food
neither pickled veg nor stewed
no bread,no cheese, no goose
I shall starve until the truce

By noon, Hunger squeeled
anger on the tip of nose says
We won’t yield ! We won’t yield!
Pain snivelled in a corner
caressing the memories
of last-night-row
resting on Ego’s shoulder

I woke up to a subtle savour
a tang of twilight with the plat du jour
too frail to walk
I’m too frail to bow
pain in the heart is a headache now

eyeing the dinning table
Gratified!” says Hunger
Appologies!” murmurs Ego
Pain asks with its mouth stuffed tight,
What was again the deal with last night?



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