Mom, in your absence…

Mom, in your absence
how I thought I would do fine
with an early twenty’s competent air
how I said, wiggling my braided hair
” I can take care of mine.”

And I did, I’ll tell you how
keeping the flame low
the dauber next door jibed at me
when he smelled burnt milk this week
three times in a row

Mom, my taste buds suffered the most
putting up with my perfunctoriness
every time the curry died salt-less
oil-abundant fritters though
hosted my luncheon everyday
with the everlasting mixed pickle
raising a toast !

and how can I forgot!
the new crockery set you’d brought
well, that’s not a set anymore
two of them died deaths uncalled-for
oh and the Bougainvillea vines you fancied so much
are alive and will be alive
in our memories forever…

In this unending fallibility
how much I missed your dictate
and the fact you keep reminding me that
you were married in my age

yet I can sense, how you adored me
beyond my imperfections
always uncomplacent ,when
it comes to my comfort

Mom, in your absence
I have slipped up big time
and realized how disregarded
your tireless efforts were all the time
and I promise to become the good
daughter you want me to be
but now that you are home
can you make me some tea?

a still from the past when mom was all for candid and I would just flaunt my teeth


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