An Urgent Urge of A Child

In the restful repose, restless the heart lies
ears aware of the muffled arguments
tears & slumber battling in the eyes
Series of thunder clapping shamelessly
without any fear of being heard
rickety walls but could not protect
the shame of palms slapping undeterred
Tearing the cloud, thunder sought attention
ever unneeded stereo tonight
blurting in pretension
Rain wouldn't stop, so wouldn't the tears
accusing, reproaching, humiliating,
could the tongues do any better?
Shrieks and clash,patters and slaps
competing each other they grew even sharper
With the tiring disquietude lashes drooped down
next thing eyes encountered was
the aftermaths all around
plenty of silence with keepsakes here and there
tear-soaked under eyes bruises everywhere 
But sun rises everyday and shakes me off 
from the memories that prey
my urgency to smile at a day
teaches me to trade-off
Let's sleep earlier tonight
and let them shut the door very tight
let the gullible grown-ups think
she won't understand, just a child

Let them fight my childhood down
with their unstable ego and usual frown
Let the storm and stereo cover their blame
and may they cover me as well
from being a peevish grown-up like them

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