One Dark Night

Stealthy and slow as I go
into the darkest of the dark night
gingerly set my foot on the flow
of starry pipe dreams I sight

Mother was right!
the luxury for which I fight
at the end of the rainbow it is
perched on the clouds above
making me stand on tiptoe
mocking at my height

Stealthy and slow as I go
ahead into the darkest path
storming out of the moral-dust
that never settled for us

Us! the ragged-rotten class
for whom breathing easy is denied
if not known to a dignified life
then not needed to die dignified

Mother was wrong!
luxury of wealth may not we be destined for
but our right for life cannot be moralized
on the basis of what the wealthy practise
they struggle for money, we struggle for life

Stealthy and slow as I go
for something I couldn’t score
for something I couldn’t snatch
but the darkness tonight
aided me to steal
before someone could catch


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