A Healthy Retreat

It was ten past twelve my eyes started hurting
waiting for your message on the verge of crying
eerie intuitions pounding headache
fumbling between a rock and a hard place
whether or not I should text you back
but I slapped myself and fisted my palm
started counting backwards from hundreds to one
when I was counting fifty-five, fifty four and three
eyelashes dropping down and fist setting free
a faint light from distance through my windowpane
spreading all over altered my frame
I woke up with a jerk fell off my bed
checked my phone
found your number deleted
I realised its morning but morning of which day?
as I felt a little older and everything is changed
few files have replaced my books in shelves
and wall notes pinned with deadline dates
I ran to my mother with a heaving head
“Mom!!! is it for real or a wonderland?”
“Dear, it’s no wonder”, she said with grave
“you misused your time so it skipped itself
I’d told you once how wilful time is
treasure its worth expend wisely
but you kept playing these relationship-games
while at your age we were engaged
with a blow pipe and mud-stove-flames
you’ve got enough freedom to shape your future
now choice is yours whether
to choose your ‘bae’ or career. “
a flabbergasted face upon decimated sleep
I was gaping at the mirror in utter disbelief
then my cell phone chimed
you’d sent ” OK fine!!”
nothing is dear! I’m retreating mine





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